kirei is my extended family a wonderful group of creative , dedicated and talented individuals both in the UK and in Delhi India. I co founded kirei in 2008 and took over the company in 2011 to create a free spirited , fun and flexible way of running a business.

kirei is passionate about design and all things that fill the senses. The word kirei is Japanese for beautiful and this was my essence and inspiration in starting the company.

We specialise in women’s wear product across dresses, tops, blouses, beachwear, accessories and soft bottoms. We source interesting and special fabrics and use both knitted and woven constructions. Our designs are hand drawn with love and care. We create our own embroideries and embellishments and buy our prints from innovative print designers from all over the United Kingdom . Our handwriting is unique to us and before a garment hangs in our showroom it has to be truly kirei!

Amazing India is where we produce our garments. It is a country where I was born and that I enjoy working in. Our team have many years of experience working with the people and our factories in Delhi.

In our Richmond garden studio we focus on innovative design, sales and manage our accounts and finance. We hold regular meetings with all our key customers. We are a tightly knit team dedicated to ensure we provide the best possible service to our customers who are major global brands.

We look forward to welcoming you to our garden studio here in Richmond!